Hiring great talent
requires great data

(It doesnt have to be complex though)

At the heart of every great company are its people. Great employees help create and innovate. Great employees drive a company's strategic plan to fruition.

For over a decade my wife and I have been helping other companies, startups, and teams do just that: find great employees. In the process, we realized recruiting is not only tedious, but also full of bias.

We asked ourselves the big questions in HR; how do you remove bias in the recruiting process? Are people ready to finally throw away their ponderous piles of paper resumes? We all know that resumes are a poor way of determining fit, emotional intelligence, and even real skills. Papers rarely ever are proof of action. Everyone knows this. Why are so many people still stuck with subpar paper-pusher systems?

The answer was obvious, there was no better system. So we created a solution: A better system... A smarter system.

Thanks to the vast amounts of data we share through our daily social activities, there is now a way to get real information on real people. We can cut out the (not-so) carefully crafted, static resumes in favor of real-life, dynamic people. People who are demonstrating their interests and passions through action; whether that may be attending events to learn about the latest marketing trends, sharing that new product they discovered, asking questions on Q&A forums, or posting a video of their latest restaurant tasting. Data science and machine learning can help us understand who an applicant is.

Most importantly, we can see their emotional intelligence; the true indicator of what makes a great employee.

At EmployToy, our vision is to be the bridge which drives better relationships at work. Our mission is to be the data center that connects your people and their work through our versatile suite of HR tools. By doing this, you will be able to quickly see which candidate will likely be your next great employee. We want to empower you to make smarter decisions, with real data.

Jerry and Erica Grammont,



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